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Jan 6, 2006
New Year's Update

For New Year's Eve this year, my friends and I all went out to Manhattan Kansas for the 'Little Apple Drop.' We all had a ton of fun. Morgan and I met up with Jeff, Jason, Nathan, Jo, Le, and Caleb at Dustin and Andy's house. There were thousands of people in Aggieville for the apple drop...too bad it looked exactly like a strawberry! After the ball drop, there was a little dance party in the street, then we went back to Dustin and Andy's house. Morgan and I stayed at the Econo Lodge. It was a little on the trashy side, but fun none the less! There was a wall made of mirrors next to the bed. It is one of the best New Year's celebrations yet!

The tacky Christmas sweater party was fun. Lots of people showed up and tons of beer pong was played.

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Dec 5, 2005
Could it be love?

Wow it has been a long time since I last wrote on here...mainly because I forgot I had this journal. Well, I am about to finish my fifth semester at KU. Only one week of school left, then finals. This is the most stressful part of the semester. Tons of studying to do so that I will keep my grades up. Going into finals I think my grades break down like this:
Western Civ- A
Physics- B
Development Biology- B
Microbiology- C
Micro Lab- A

We will see how all of these classes turn out!

I have been dating Morgan for two months. He is great, I love everything about him. He is so nice to me and compliments me all the time. I think I might be 'falling' for him. We have such a good time when we are around each other. I love sleeping at his house and waking up with him in the mornings. Not to mention, he's gorgeous! (Oh yeah, Morgan is Charlie's best friend from Minnesota). I am so attracted to Morgan, I have never liked a boy this much. I love seeing him, reading his cute text messages, relaxing with him, and just being wih him in general. We have so much in common. It is nice to be able to talk with him about everything that is going on here at KU, I think we keep each other sane sometimes. I could go on and on about what a fabulous boyfriend he is...

Hopefully my next update won't be far off. Next Saturday my roommates and I are throwing a 'tacky Christmas sweater' party. It should be fun.


Posted at 01:59 am by incogneato
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Jul 26, 2005
Random Quote

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a best friend is the one sitting next to you saying 'wow that was fun!'

Potential Rap Names: Live or Die (Liver Die) hahaha!!!
                                Low Key

I am in my final week of summer school. This weekend Jason and I may be going to Minnesota to see Charlie. Nothing to exciting to talk about. Last Wednesday Jason had his 21st birthday. Jeff and I went to gay night at Liquid and danced our butts off. It was a blast! Did a little camping this summer, I hope I get to do it again before school starts on August 18.

Peace up, A town down! Holla!

Posted at 12:33 am by incogneato
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May 16, 2005
Whoooo!!! Party Hard!!!

I know, I know... I should have updated long ago! Well, I have been a busy kid. I had another birthday, I am now 20 years old...only one year till I am legal! My birthday was on Easter this year, so we had a small party at Charlie and Jeff's house, then went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. We were trashed, Jeff puked out of the car. The next night Jeff took me to dinner at Teller's on Mass. It was a fabulous restaurant. After that we went to Wa for icecream, then Henry's for drinks. 

I particapated in Fight Night last December at the Ranch with Syd. It was really fun, but this dyke kicked my ass. It was the most intense work out ever, and the next couple of days I felt like I had been in a car wreck.

Machine Head was back in town in May. Phil called me and I picked him up and him, Jo, Charlie, Jeff and I went to Henry's and the Sandbar for drinks. We had a blast that night, and I got waaaay to drunk. That's what happens when rockstars keep the drinks flowing all night. The next night was their concert at the Bottleneck. Phil got tickets for all of us, he is seriously the nicest guy in the world. After the show he met up with us at Henry's again, then went to the Sandbar for shots. After the bars closed, we hung out on their tour bus until 3am. All of his band mates are very nice as well. Phil is the most genuine guy, it is so much fun to hang out with him. I hope I get to see him again sometime soon!

My second year of college is almost over. My grades should be must better this semester... I am thankful!!! I am taking 8 hours this summer- Physics and Western Civilizations. I will also be returning to Royals for my fifth season.

Other than that I have just been hanging out with Jason, Jeff, Charlie, Jo, Nathan, and Armin.

Peace Out!!!

Posted at 09:53 pm by incogneato
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Dec 10, 2004
Long Past Due Update

Well, this is my sophomore year at KU. Finals are next week. My classes are going very well this semester except Organic Chemistry. I live in an apartment with Jo, Jenni, and Mariza. This is sooo much better than the dorms and I don't have to worry about not getting a parking spot when I come home.

This semester has been packed full of exciting new adventures and experiences! Last Wednesday night I participated in "College Fight Night" at The Ranch. I won my first match, I kicked that girl's ass! In the championship round when I was competing for $100, I had to box a hardcore leabian. Well, I totally got killed and didn't even make it to round two. Now I am so sore, I feel like I have been hit by a car.

The most memorable moment this year had to be when me and me roommates got to hang out with the band Machine Head. We hung out on their tour bus and then got free tickets to their show the next night! After the show the guitarist, Phil Demmel, called me and asked me to come hang out with him before they left town. Since then we have kept in touch with phone calls and emails. Even though he has been on tour for three months in Europe, I still hear from him by occasional emails! He is a really nice guy, and it was so cool hanging out with his band as well as Chimera and Trivium.

There has been tons of parties and bars, too many to talk about. Everything has been going well, except Jo, Jenni, and I are very upset with Mariza right now. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Posted at 11:30 pm by incogneato
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Jun 21, 2004
Simon Sucks!!!

What is the deal with guys? I think part of the problem might be that they don't think before they speak or act. Whatever. Well, it turns out that Simon is a raging jerk! He was supposed to come visit me on Saturday night, so I told all my friends and we made big plans. On Friday night he calls and says he isn't coming because of some family thing, that made me mad, so Jess talked to him and he called back to say he would be here. Then on Saturday night at 5:30 he calls and says he won't be coming because he is having a keg at his place and needs to be there to watch his shit! What a jerk, obviously I am not a very high priority in his life, it has been about the third or fourth time he said he would cme down and ended up cancelling. I just let it go the other times because I liked him so much, but now Jess and Mike B have made me realize what a loser he is. I am done with him for now, I an anxious to see if he even calls me ever again.

Other than having guy problems, I have been having an awesome summer. I am taking public speaking at Longview and working at Royals Stadium, it keeps me busy. I have had a great time with my friends since I have been back home, I have been good getting reaquainted with them! On Saturday night since Simon didn't come down, I had a change of plans. I went to the dog races with Mike Blair and his friend Robin. We had a great time! After that we went to Fox and the Hound and hung out and played some pool. I love that place, it is so chill and has a great atmosphere.

Summer has been great, but I miss KU. I really miss all of my friends, especially Syd. I talk to her a lot and she isn't happy in Nebraska, so it makes me feel bad that she is depressed. Things will be all better when we go back to school, but then I will fall away from my KC friends. It's always something!

Posted at 12:46 am by incogneato
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May 10, 2004
N E fun in Nebraska?

This past weekend 4 of us girls went to Nebraska: Syd, Je'lea, Jo and me. Syd's family lives up there, so we visited and stayed with them. WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN IN NEBRASKA!!! First, Syd's dad, Darrel, grilled steaks for us for dinner, then we went to a kegger at Syd's friends house. The next day all of us got pedicures, went tanning and shopping. That night Syd's mom had a party/barbecue for Mother's Day and Syd's Birthday. The food was excellent, burgers and hot dogs, several types of salad, and chocolate covered strawberries. After dinner, we had drinks on the patio, then went to Syd's sister, Ande, place to chill. On Sunday morning, Darrel cooked a huge breakfast for all of us, then we hung out and watched Kill Bill and Last Samuri before coming home. When we got back to Lawrence, we had dinner at AppleBee's and wen and saw Kill Bill 2 at the movies. Two very good movies. This has been one of the most fun weekends! I cannot wait to go back this summer!

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May 3, 2004
Happy Days!

Well, Simon and I have been together for a month now. Wow, he is really an awesome guy, I like him a lot. He treats me great, my friends love him and his friends are cool. He took me to dinner at ON the Border, we had a good time and we got to drink margaritas. I hope we can make it work after I leave KU since summer is almost here and my freshman year is about over. Only two mare weekends at college, and next weekend I am going to Lincoln, Nebraska with Syd, Jo, and Je'lea. I am really going to miss all my girls once we leave, I have become so close with them. School is now going better, my grades are much better than first semester and I don't have to worry about not passing all my classes. Cinco de Mayo is on Wednesday, hopefully I will be at a fun party after I have my scholarship interview. I heart Simon and all my girls: Syd, Je'lea, Jo, Jenni, Maritza, Tiffany, Shonda. Adios.

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Apr 22, 2004
Simon Says!

I am still dating Simon, and I really like him a lot. He is very sweet and caring, and I am addicted to him. Our friends invented a game for us to play: Sexual Simon Says. Put your pants back on...Simon didn't say! Oh, good times. I really love hangin out with Syd, Je'lea, Jenni, and Maritza. We always have so much fun! I love Mondays! Monday = El Mezcal!

Posted at 02:46 am by incogneato
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Apr 7, 2004
Quick Update

It has been a very long time since I last posted. I met this reat guy on Friday night named Simon, I saw him at the same party on Tenessee on Saturday night, then on Sunday he came by my room to see me. He seems like a really cool guy so far! He is cute, muscular, tan, and he listens to rap music, but he lives on a farm outside of Lawrence, so he kind of talks like a hick. My best friend is very upset/mad at me right now. It is no fun. I guess I told her ex-boyfriend some things that pissed her off, but they were the truth. I need to make this better soon because she is making me out to be a horrible person. We will see how things go... School is much better this semester! I am earning several B's and one C. I should be off academic probation in no time.

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