Entry: Happy Days! May 3, 2004

Well, Simon and I have been together for a month now. Wow, he is really an awesome guy, I like him a lot. He treats me great, my friends love him and his friends are cool. He took me to dinner at ON the Border, we had a good time and we got to drink margaritas. I hope we can make it work after I leave KU since summer is almost here and my freshman year is about over. Only two mare weekends at college, and next weekend I am going to Lincoln, Nebraska with Syd, Jo, and Je'lea. I am really going to miss all my girls once we leave, I have become so close with them. School is now going better, my grades are much better than first semester and I don't have to worry about not passing all my classes. Cinco de Mayo is on Wednesday, hopefully I will be at a fun party after I have my scholarship interview. I heart Simon and all my girls: Syd, Je'lea, Jo, Jenni, Maritza, Tiffany, Shonda. Adios.


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