Entry: N E fun in Nebraska? May 10, 2004

This past weekend 4 of us girls went to Nebraska: Syd, Je'lea, Jo and me. Syd's family lives up there, so we visited and stayed with them. WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN IN NEBRASKA!!! First, Syd's dad, Darrel, grilled steaks for us for dinner, then we went to a kegger at Syd's friends house. The next day all of us got pedicures, went tanning and shopping. That night Syd's mom had a party/barbecue for Mother's Day and Syd's Birthday. The food was excellent, burgers and hot dogs, several types of salad, and chocolate covered strawberries. After dinner, we had drinks on the patio, then went to Syd's sister, Ande, place to chill. On Sunday morning, Darrel cooked a huge breakfast for all of us, then we hung out and watched Kill Bill and Last Samuri before coming home. When we got back to Lawrence, we had dinner at AppleBee's and wen and saw Kill Bill 2 at the movies. Two very good movies. This has been one of the most fun weekends! I cannot wait to go back this summer!


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