Entry: Simon Sucks!!! Jun 21, 2004

What is the deal with guys? I think part of the problem might be that they don't think before they speak or act. Whatever. Well, it turns out that Simon is a raging jerk! He was supposed to come visit me on Saturday night, so I told all my friends and we made big plans. On Friday night he calls and says he isn't coming because of some family thing, that made me mad, so Jess talked to him and he called back to say he would be here. Then on Saturday night at 5:30 he calls and says he won't be coming because he is having a keg at his place and needs to be there to watch his shit! What a jerk, obviously I am not a very high priority in his life, it has been about the third or fourth time he said he would cme down and ended up cancelling. I just let it go the other times because I liked him so much, but now Jess and Mike B have made me realize what a loser he is. I am done with him for now, I an anxious to see if he even calls me ever again.

Other than having guy problems, I have been having an awesome summer. I am taking public speaking at Longview and working at Royals Stadium, it keeps me busy. I have had a great time with my friends since I have been back home, I have been good getting reaquainted with them! On Saturday night since Simon didn't come down, I had a change of plans. I went to the dog races with Mike Blair and his friend Robin. We had a great time! After that we went to Fox and the Hound and hung out and played some pool. I love that place, it is so chill and has a great atmosphere.

Summer has been great, but I miss KU. I really miss all of my friends, especially Syd. I talk to her a lot and she isn't happy in Nebraska, so it makes me feel bad that she is depressed. Things will be all better when we go back to school, but then I will fall away from my KC friends. It's always something!


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