Entry: Long Past Due Update Dec 10, 2004

Well, this is my sophomore year at KU. Finals are next week. My classes are going very well this semester except Organic Chemistry. I live in an apartment with Jo, Jenni, and Mariza. This is sooo much better than the dorms and I don't have to worry about not getting a parking spot when I come home.

This semester has been packed full of exciting new adventures and experiences! Last Wednesday night I participated in "College Fight Night" at The Ranch. I won my first match, I kicked that girl's ass! In the championship round when I was competing for $100, I had to box a hardcore leabian. Well, I totally got killed and didn't even make it to round two. Now I am so sore, I feel like I have been hit by a car.

The most memorable moment this year had to be when me and me roommates got to hang out with the band Machine Head. We hung out on their tour bus and then got free tickets to their show the next night! After the show the guitarist, Phil Demmel, called me and asked me to come hang out with him before they left town. Since then we have kept in touch with phone calls and emails. Even though he has been on tour for three months in Europe, I still hear from him by occasional emails! He is a really nice guy, and it was so cool hanging out with his band as well as Chimera and Trivium.

There has been tons of parties and bars, too many to talk about. Everything has been going well, except Jo, Jenni, and I are very upset with Mariza right now. Hopefully things will get better soon.


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