Entry: New Year's Update Jan 6, 2006

For New Year's Eve this year, my friends and I all went out to Manhattan Kansas for the 'Little Apple Drop.' We all had a ton of fun. Morgan and I met up with Jeff, Jason, Nathan, Jo, Le, and Caleb at Dustin and Andy's house. There were thousands of people in Aggieville for the apple drop...too bad it looked exactly like a strawberry! After the ball drop, there was a little dance party in the street, then we went back to Dustin and Andy's house. Morgan and I stayed at the Econo Lodge. It was a little on the trashy side, but fun none the less! There was a wall made of mirrors next to the bed. It is one of the best New Year's celebrations yet!

The tacky Christmas sweater party was fun. Lots of people showed up and tons of beer pong was played.


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