Entry: Quick Update Apr 7, 2004

It has been a very long time since I last posted. I met this reat guy on Friday night named Simon, I saw him at the same party on Tenessee on Saturday night, then on Sunday he came by my room to see me. He seems like a really cool guy so far! He is cute, muscular, tan, and he listens to rap music, but he lives on a farm outside of Lawrence, so he kind of talks like a hick. My best friend is very upset/mad at me right now. It is no fun. I guess I told her ex-boyfriend some things that pissed her off, but they were the truth. I need to make this better soon because she is making me out to be a horrible person. We will see how things go... School is much better this semester! I am earning several B's and one C. I should be off academic probation in no time.


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